Although it might look like summer will never come, it is a great idea to be ready before the first day of summertime arrives. Your air conditioning system is important to the comfort of your family over the summer seasons. Hence, guaranteeing that your system is ready to use once this season begins is always a great idea. Here are some ways to prepare your air conditioner for the upcoming hot season.

Change your filters

Filters are one of the cost-effective means of preparing your air conditioner for the summer season. It is recommended that you must change your filters every 2 to 3 months. You should do this frequently if you observe that your filters get dirty easily or if you have pets in your home. Changing your filters will make sure that the flow of the air coming from your air conditioner system is not constrained.

Clear the area near your outdoor unit

You do not want to begin taking down your entire AC unit. But, you could clear the area around the unit with efficiency and airflow. Clear any debris and leaves from the surrounding space.

Check the insulation

Observe the back of your unit. There, you can see that there are coolant lines that connect to your house. These lines must have insulation on them. Once there is a frayed, peeling, cracked, or even missing line, you have to immediately contact a local air conditioner repair company.

Turn your unit on

It is recommended for you to turn your AC unit early in the season to guarantee that it is functioning well before you need it the most. To do this, it’s not necessary for you to cool off your house. You just need to switch on your AC through the thermostat and see if the cold air is coming from the vents. After that, you can turn it off again. If it’s still cold in your place, never forget to turn the heat back on.

Check the registers

You need to make sure that nothing blocks the registers in your house. Also, you might want to lift the grates of the registers up and ensure that nothing has fallen into the vents. Frequently, small pieces of materials like children’s toys could end up down the vent. If this happens, make sure that you remove them.

Schedule an AC checkup

It is preferred to have an expert to go to your home and perform a full tune-up on your system. By having your system conserved, you could ensure that it’s running efficiently and safely. Having a regular check-up on your system could also assist to prolong the life of your AC system.

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